Phillystuck: One Year Anniversary Edition photos! Part One.

Today was really a ton of fun for me, and I hope it was for everyone else as well. All the people were super uber kind and friendly with their free candy and “troll blood” potions (which I forgot to take a picture of! Aaahhhh. ;-;). I’d like to thank every single person for being so awesome. Whenever I was by myself and had nothing to do, someone would always come over and chat and cheer me up a whole lot. So thank you everyone, and thank you Phillystuck!

I was the human!Meulin who went around collecting Tumblr URLs (which I’ll include in the next photoset and I’ll also post it on the Facebook page). Even though I asked some people multiple times, I don’t believe I got everyone’s contact, so if I missed you I’m really sorry! Feel free to send me an ask or reblog this saying if you were there and I’ll add you to the list, or comment on the Facebook page once it’s up.