August 26 2014, 3pm

  • Plot Twist: Everything in DMMd didn't actually happen. Instead of reading about actual events, we read Aoba's terrible self-insert fanfiction of him and random hot guys that he met on the street. He probably doesn't even have blue hair.

August 26 2014, 1pm

Pokémon Johto Theme (movie version) by Pokémon || Times played:43,889

August 25 2014, 3pm




how do weeaboos end their prayers


just kidding they are godless heathens

August 24 2014, 9pm



Guys, if you speak Japanese or Korean, or even if you don’t, please send a message to sercgakisei because he’s a disabled non-binary Korean/Chinese/Japanese teen who has been bullied by weeaboos on this site for not speaking English very well. His father has taken over his account and will translate the English messages for him.

please do this